The China White Story 

Jasmine Pat crafted the China White brand of tea after personally experiencing the health benefits of drinking White tea. As a New Zealander of Chinese descent, she has incorporated elements of these two cultures.

China White Tea Christchurch

The design of the logo and the ingredients that she has selected to create unique ice teas are influenced by her background.Initially she fell in love with the fresh taste and learned about the health benefits of drinking fresh China White tea. As a result of this she has worked tirelessly to make China White tea accessible to those with refined taste and a cultured palate.

Jasmine and her team are a small business that started out organically.  Back in 2006 in Christchurch, New Zealand, China White premiered on the series of Dragon’s Den New Zealand as the first company in New Zealand to produce organic White iced tea in a bottle. Following on from this, the demand for the loose leaf tea blends has steadily increased.

“A tea culture is evolving in New Zealand as people become more aware of the health benefits of tea”

China White is an exclusive brand of organic White tea.


China White | Jasmine Pat
China White Tea Collection Christchurch
China White Tea Christchurch

"Thank you so much for the tea! That is a real treat. I have just made a cup and it is utterly delicious. I am going to take the bag of tea to France. I think you are amazing creating this company. All of your presentation is just so beautiful. Very tasteful. I am truly impressed"

Monique Rhodes

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China White Tea Christchurch
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